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Breezy the artist

Artist Bio

Breezy The Artist is self-taught, creative, freelance artist, curator and, muralist . She holds the title of a acrylic/mix-media painter but prefers not to put her craft in a box. Breezy loves to work with a variety of mediums and forms of art. She focuses on visual art but her curiosity has led her to other art forms including poetry, film, photography, fashion design, and flow arts. Breezy's art career started the same time she started looking inwards and found her deep passion for painting and art. This was the start of her spiritual/self-love journey and walking in her purspose. In June, 2021 she officially opened Breezy Paintings LLC. Now she creates art with the intention of inspiring other people to start their self-love and discovery journey. Since 2021 Breezy has worked with other well-known creative organizations including Stage Works Tampa, VeroPolo LLC and Creative Lounge LLC. She also works hard to put together events of her own. Paint N Penz is a space Breezy Co-founded that has a balance of art, performances, and poetry. This event does an amazing job bringing together other creatives to showcase their work and break personal barriers. Breezy is a published artist and displays her art at local galleries, on social media/website, and in storefronts/coffee shops. For Breezy art is more than just beautiful paintings, it’s about changing the world. Breanna has a strong passion for Mother Earth and human consciousness. She believes in the power of love and her mission is to share that passion and power through a language everyone can understand, art.






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