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Paint N Penz

Where Visual Art meets Performing Arts

Paint N Pens is a collaboration based showcase that brings together the beauty of Visual Arts with the engagement of Performing Arts. Paint N Penz has been hosting collaborative showcases for over a year in the Tampa Bay Area. We strive to bring together creatives and build a community of people passionate about their craft. 

Our Story

Breanna Morgan (also known as Azura) and Xavier Scott (also known as SOLOXEQUIS) formed Paint N Penz in the hopes of creating something new. With Azura's background in Art and SOLOXEQUIS' background in DJing and Performing, the idea was born to put on a show highlighting both forms of art.

Paint N Penz Showcase

Meet The Team

Apply to be featured!

Please complete the form to be a potential Paint N Penz Featured Visual Artist or Performer. 

Thanks for submitting! Follow our instagram @paintnpenz

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